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THE BLACK BAG™ Portable Office & Toolkit has the tools to help you make a difference beyond the Mifflin-St. Jeor equation. It’s customizable portable office is packed with the Mifflin-St. Jeor wheel and poster and has the essentials to begin your practice or take it to the next level. Combined with Energy Balance MENTOR CLUB and workshops, you will have everything you need for an office on the go to effectively impact lifelong energy balance and weight management.
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THE BLACK BAG TM   Portable Office & Toolkit
Introductory Assessment Accessory Pack Assessment tools may be purchased seperatly. More information to come soon. .
Advanced Assessment Accessory Pack This package can be added to the Introductory THE BLACK BAG TM   or purchased separately for expanded assessments. It includes a blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, and Breezing TM  indirect calorimeter with special St. Jeor Associates tools and individualized certificate of training* on THE BLACK BAG TM (if purchased with toolkit*).
THE COMPLETE BLACK BAG TM Portable Office & Toolkit Includes… Signature Rolling Laptop Case with Resources o User’s Manual for Recommended Assessment Tools o Custom flashdrive with Energy Balance COT Self-Study Guide & Other Select Educational Resources o Mifflin-St. Jeor wheels and charts o Assessment Guidelines for Physical Activity Assessments 2 Month Membership in the Energy Balance MENTOR CLUB  or (1) Personal Session with Dr. St. Jeor
Portable Office & Toolkit Portable Office & Toolkit Accessory Packs Accessory Packs
*Package includes Breezing                                                                                      Affiliate Discount
© 2015-Present GenQuest Nutrition LLC NutritionPracticeToolsResults
Provide patients with critical information to make changes leading to success Obtain objective data against which to measure change and document outcomes Demonstrate the value of nutrition services for chronic disease management Achieve recognition as a leader on the health management team
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St. Jeor Associates proudly presents…

THE   BLACK   BAG TM Portable   Office   &   Toolkit   provides   you with    the    tools    and    resources    you    need    to    to    effectively impact lifelong energy balance and weight management. It includes: Signature black rolling laptop case Mifflin-St. Jeor wheels and charts Pedometer assessment toolkit User’s manual for suggested THE BLACK BAG TM monitoring tools Description of tools and personalized order list Customized flashdrive with assessment forms:          intake, progress, client worksheets; sample notes 12 -Month Membership in The Black Bag™ Mentor Club Beyond the MSJE mentoring and resources (in process) 
THE    BLACK    BAG TM Mentor    Club    is    an    opportunity    for structured    collaboration    with    experts    in    energy    balance.  Each   monthly   one-hour   meeting   will   provide   information   or a    hot    topic    on    the    research    and    innovations    in    energy balance facilitated by key leaders.
THE    BLACK    BAG TM Tools    Beyond    the    Mifflin    St.    Jeor Equation   include   specially   selected   sponsor   and   Genquest Nutrition    Solution    products    aimed    to    help    you    assess energy balance in accurate, efficient, and innovative ways.
THE     BLACK     BAG TM Certificate     of     Training     certifies professionals   in   use   of   THE   BLACK   BAG TM assessment   tools, promoting    accuracy    of    measurement    for    practice    and research alike.